Jelly Belly Energizing Sports Beans 24ct.
Jelly Belly Energizing Sports Candy Beans 24ct.
- $33.79
Jelly Belly Energizing Sports Beans are scientifically formulated to give you quick energy and maximize sports performance with Electrolytes, Carbohydrates and Vitamins B and C. Net wt. 24/1oz. bags. Choose between Lemon Lime and Orange.

Starburst Original 36ct
Starburst Original Candy 36ct
- $31.45
36 packs of individually wrapped original starburst fruit chews - with real fruit juice.

Candy Buttons  24ct
Candy Buttons 24ct
- $27.89
Colorful, unique, whimsical Candy Buttons are one of the original Kids Candies. This is the nostalgia treat that everyone remembers having fun with in childhood. With three flavors on a strip lemon, lime and cherry.24 individually wrapped packages contain 2, 1/2oz strips each.Need one, two or just a few? Buy it by the piece!

Jujyfruits Candy 24ct
Jujyfruits Candy 24ct
- $25.95
Jujyfruits began production in 1920. This chewy, fruity candy gained popularity in movie theatres, along with the Jujubes. Jujyfruits shapes make the candy unique Asparagus, Tomato, Grapes Bundle, Banana, Pineapple, Raspberry, and Pea Pod. Fruity flavors include Raspberry, Licorice, Lime (originally Spearmint), Orange, and Lemon.24 - 2.1oz box.

Jujubes Candy 24ct
Jujubes Candy 24ct
- $25.95
Jujubes, known for their hard, break-glass quality texture, began production in 1920. Original flavors included lilac, violet, rose, spearmint, and lemon. Rose and spearmint have been changed to cherry and lime, as a result of flavor availability.24 - 1.5oz boxes. Sweet wedding savings