Fun Facts

Fun Facts about Winter Holidays

Most kids ages 6-11 years old say they eat a candy cane by sucking on it (54 percent) But that′s not the only way to enjoy this favorite sweet holiday treat
* Biting: 24 percent
* Licking: 19 percent
* Don′t know: 2 percent
* Other: 1 percent
* When eating candy canes, boys were almost twice as likely to crunch candy canes than girls (31 percent v. 17 percent).
* Of 1,000 adults surveyed, 89 percent said candy plays a role in their winter holiday celebrations.
* Placing candy in a bowl: 72 percent
* Giving/receiving a box of chocolates: 70 percent
* Giving/receiving a holiday stocking filled with sweet goodies: 63 percent
* Creating a gingerbread house: 19 percent
* More than 1.8 billion candy canes will be made for the winter holiday season, in traditional peppermint flavor as well as super-sour, fruit and tropical fruit flavors. A typical candy cane contains only 55 calories and no fat/cholesterol.
* More than 150 million chocolate Santas will be made for the winter holiday season.
* The winter holidays represent the biggest boxed chocolate selling season.
* The winter holidays are the third largest "candy holiday" sales season, behind Halloween and Easter. Valentine′s Day is fourth.
* Retail sales for Gift Basketsoverall for the winter holiday season (November-December) account for 20-40 percent of annual retail sales.
* More than 33 million real Christmas trees will be sold for the season and more than 67 million turkeys will be consumed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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